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Welcome to BestSalesRx.com where you will find the most competitive prices for selected products. BestSalesRX.com is not an online pharmacy and does not operate as such. We are an online portal for providers of pharmaceutical products catering to the US market where certain pharmaceutical products are exorbital expensive in relation to the same product sold outside the United States.

The focus here is on the identical same product inside and outside the United States beside the manufacturer's variation for different zones worldwide. E.a. a pill with the same ingredient from the same manufacturer sold in the US might be light blue while sold in Europe the pill appears white. Just that this pill also sells 50% cheaper in Europe than in the US and our portal enables you to benefit from this circumstance. We now utilize a provider from Europe to ship this product to your home. It is agreed that this provider is legally authorized to do so.

Also we utilize providers from inside the United States especially for generic substances who are mainly produced by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. - the biggest manufacturer of generic pharmaceuticals worldwide - and acquire these products from authorized national or international distributors where we can find these products from the same manufacturer.

In any case a buyer from the United States needs to be legal in ordering these products and placing an order with us to mail the product to your home. The most important document therefore is a valid prescription and the FDA recently published the newest guideline to import and mail regulated substances for personal use.
Please see link: FDA compliance manuals 9-2. - Coverage of Personal Importation

In summary BestSalesRX.com combines various resources and locations in one place for your benefits to provide the lowest and most competitive price for your medications. BestSalesRX.com does not fulfill prescription nor ship a product themself. It is agreed with all providers and to our best knowledge that all resources comply with their local laws and that no counterfeit products are sold. For further questions contact us via email at service@bestsalesrx.com

For questions about prescription please check the Consulting tab of our site where you find more detailed information.